Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Is An Overdue Post: Birthdays and Halloween

Mouth watering croquembouche. Recipe from House & House, November 2010.

I left out the the candied ginger the recipe calls for and they turned out very well.

It runs in the family - we love to cook, bake and eat.
My brother made these chocolate macaroons for our mum.

Instead of birthday cake, I surprised my mum with the croquembouche she was drooling over in the pages of House & Home.

Aside from burning my fingers on hot syrup, and almost having it fall apart as we added the last bits, it was well worth the effort. (Scanned recipe pages from the magazine below.)

Then for Halloween, I made Sweet Paul's Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cake.

The cake and frosting were was simple enough to make and assemble. I did though have trouble with the caramel. Afraid to burn it, I pulled it off the stove too soon and my caramel was too pale and runny. I cheated and thickened it with corn starch and gave it a deeper colour with food colouring.

The cake was probably one of the richest, moistest (is that a word?!) cakes I've ever had. Doesn't help that I'm a chocolate addict.

Recipe for Croquembouche can be found here, here and here. (Be sure to click on all 3 links.)

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