Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Really Spring!

Geoff started a spring tradition last year - growing our own flowers. We started 3 weeks ago and our plants are already looking happy and healthy. I can't remember what we're growing - morning glory and something else... Regardless, it's fun watching them grow.

Happy Birthday Grace!

Spring also means birthdays galore- husband, family, friends and Diana's mum's birthday. I baked her 2 (!) carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting - her favourite. Of course, I couldn't resist baking one for keeps. The last cake came out of the oven at 8pm last night and half is already gone.

My favourite carrot cake recipe is from Canadian Living and is aptly named Canada's Best Carrot Cake. It contains crushed pineapple, which gives the cake a soft and moist texture. Added bonus, your home will smell really yummy, like carrot spice goodness!

I recommend CL's recipe to the one's I made last year (from Martha) any day. Martha's were too greasy and gave me a bit of a stomach ache. Ick.

Happy baking!

::: Nathalie

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