Monday, July 4, 2011

Strawberry Jam

I went strawberry picking this weekend and was nearly trampled over by a woman who insisted on stepping over me to stay on the same path, as opposed to moving over. I was completely speechless as she laid her hand on my shoulder and proceeded to swing her leg over me!

Here I am, happily picking strawberries before being trampled over by an inconsiderate picker.

The recipe: "Children's Strawberry Jam" from The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook - a 384 page book on jams, marmalade's, jellies and lots of tips and wisdom.

Jams are best made in small batches. We picked 18 lbs of strawberries and this was only 8 lbs. 10 more to go!

Our first try at this jam took longer to cook than anticipated. The sun had since long gone when we began filling jars.

Finally! Beautiful strawberry jam! Geoff goes through a lot of jam so I hope this lasts us into the fall!


  1. si tienes pasión por las normalidades y te gusta la decoración te invito a pasearte por mi blog

  2. Sometimes people act strangely, but you did good not to say anything and let her be, I would have done the same and of course I would have been speechless too! The jam looks pretty good, great colour and I bet it taste wonderful, it will be a real treat in cold days.


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