Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Delicious Miss Dahl

Aside from Gossip Girl and Supernatural, I really don't watch a lot of television. So I was surprised to hear that Sophie Dahl has her own cooking show - The Delicious Miss Dahl! (For whatever reason, I've always liked her for. I even bought her book, The Man with The Dancing Eyes, years ago.)

I just finished watching the first episode. What a cute show! She's adorable and so excited about cooking. And I love her kitchen! It's so very english! I feel inspired just watching!

The full episode wouldn't embed properly, but you can watch it here. (Sorry, even the above video is too wide for the format of our blog...)

I'm going to go cook dinner now. I'm thinking breakfast foods, Whole Grain Pancakes and Spinach Quiche!

::: Nathalie

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