Monday, December 13, 2010

Light Fixtures & Feature: Lost Nation

I never thought I'd say "thank goodness it's Monday." Geoff and my father spent 2 grueling days wiring the electrical for overhead lights in my home studio. On day two they were ready to install the light fixtures. Then we discovered that the pendant lamps I bought had no covers and would leave the holes and wires in my ceiling exposed. Whoops.

Moving on - this is Katie Barnstaple's work from Lost Nation. When I saw her booth at the One of A Kind show, I nearly broke down in tears for having gone with empty pockets.

I could just picture her Humane Antlers over top of my bed. Wouldn't that be brilliant?

And I could picture her Wooden Antler Chandelier hoisted above my dining room table.

Her Etsy profile sums up Lost Nation perfectly - "I am obsessed with brining the outdoors inside. I believe a home should reflect what grows and lives around it."

Lost Nation's Elkadee and Mustache on a Stick.

You can also check out Katie's blog here.

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