Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Time for an Etsy Update

Etsy shop update - Elephants handprinted Tea Towels

Diana and I printed, pressed and sewed these last week. They're printed on a hemp/ cotton blend textile which washes and wears very nicely.

The tea towel features my original artwork which was inspired by a CBC elephant documentary and my fondness for Indian design. This is my take on the two.

Etsy shop update - Hearts/ Moomin Reversible Kids Apron

We made these back in August and it's about time they made their way to the shop. Keep your eyes peeled for more kids arpons to come.

The reversible kids aprons were inspired by Geoff's nieces. I made Mackenzie an apron for her 6th birthday and the idea just spun off from there.


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