Thursday, December 9, 2010

Recipe: Spice Cookies

This is what happens when my plans fall through - I bake. Last night I made Sweet Paul's Spice Cookies.

I had everything in my pantry and the recipe was easy enough but I didn't like this part - "divide the dough into 30 pieces and roll each piece to a ball".

I hate touching dough and it's the reason why I hardly make bread. Anyway, instead of dipping my hands in the sticky-ish dough and rolling 30 balls, I grabbed my cookie dough scoop and just plopped the raw dough balls into a little bowl of sugar, coated them and then placed them on a cookie sheet. SP's recipe says it makes 30 cookies but I ended up getting 51 cookies using the scoop method.

After they cooled (and I ate some), I wrapped and boxed 10 cookies as a thank you gift to someone using bakers twine. (I picked mine up at Crate & Barrel.) This is a great stress free recipe for the holidays which I plan on gifting.

You can find Sweet Paul's recipe here.

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