Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bunnies, Shoes & BFF's

This year I'll try to share more about myself and will even post pictures of me... doing stuff... (Kinda scary since I'm camera shy.)
Here we go...

1. During the holidays I was crazy about Fifi Lapin. (Geoff, my husband, now thinks I'm nuttier than ever.)

2. I can't stand the Miu Miu's I bought last year. They hurt my feet so bad!

Diana and I - 1999 & 2009

3. This September Diana and I will have been bff's for 20 years. I'll be throwing an anniversary bash to celebrate with our closest friends and family.

::: nathalie


  1. hey - when i told you to be more 'personal' on your blog, i didn't thing you'd post disgusting pictures of us. way to make us look the absolute worst on the intenet.

  2. thanks friend. glad you like our picture.

  3. I saw that book the other day (on the internet) and thought it was awesome!! and such a shame you can't stand those lovely flats, they are gorgeous.
    It's so wonderful to have friends for a very long time! I moved very far from home to go to college and grew apart from by best friends of the time, it was sad.
    Then i make new friends while in college and luckily enough we still are best friends, they're like my sisters and even when we live so far, there's a special bond that keep us together, in a sense :)

  4. how lovely to be bff!
    The only pair of Miu Miu shoes I bought (10 years ago) ruined my feet! definitely good looking but bad, bad design...

  5. Iveth: I bet both you and your daughter would like Fifi's book.

    Good friends are like family and they're so important. I'm glad you also have a good support system, even with the distance.

    Alessandra: Thanks for the back up. I'll never buy Miu Miu shoes again.
    They are cute though!

  6. Happy BFF Anniversary! I think you gals should have a girls day and celebrate.

    P.S. I too went on a shopping binge at The Bay sal also... picked up a cute bf oversized blazer!


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