Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thinking Ahead

It's the dead of winter in Ontario but Nathalie's dreaming of spring. We have a bunch of new designs in the works and here's a preview of one of our new aprons. Nathalie was pretty pissed that I made her go outside to take pictures of her in the snow, but whatever. I think the pictures look awesome.



  1. totally excited to see your new designs ... i'm on the hunt for a new tote ... would now be a good time to mention green is my favourite colour & i love your prints!!

  2. The apron looks great.
    And Nathalie was quite brave...I've heard it is freezing there!

  3. Lol! The apron looks lovely!! and i really like the photo in the now although a can see why Nathalie was not very happy about it!

  4. it's incredibly cold here and we're expecting a snowstorm tonight. nathalie's just lucky we took the pictures last week. lol.

  5. thanks for the nice comments ladies. this definitely encourages me to share more. : )


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