Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drunk, Sad, Hungry & Sleepy

From 2004-2006 Diana and I ran an online boutique called Lime. We were well known for our original handmade iPod cases, though we also made wallets, totes and other small accessories.

While organizing a box of product from our old Lime days and came across this super cute mini-series that my brother Rene had created for us. Their names (clockwise) - Drunk, Sad, Hungry and Sleepy.

The idea came about when I asked Rene to draw me a drunk sheep for a special project. The illustration was put on cotton and sewn into a mini stuffed toy. A couple of weeks later, Rene had drawn additional characters for us. Even now, I'm still smitten with these little guys.

I always enjoy collaborating with my brothers but Rene and I haven't had the chance to work together for years now. He's been busy creating original video games for his studio, Revolver Games.

You can check out his fun Arcade Shoot-'em-up game on Galaxy Parade.com. In addition to the original concept, having created the characters and the game, Rene also created the original score. But seriously, it's pretty fun. Give it a try!

::: Nathalie

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