Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sneak Peak: Key Shaped Hook

Spring 2011 Preview: Lime Shop collaboration with Geoff Martin Designs.

Diana and I are planning very exciting things for our spring collection - original pieces that are entirely handprinted, hand-dyed and handmade. I'm also excited to announce a collaboration between The Lime Shop and my husband, Geoff.

Freshly sanded, unfinished details.

Geoff is a talented, self taught, wood worker who specializes in home accessories and furniture. One of the first pieces for spring will include handcrafted wooden key hooks.

He made his first key hook last spring for our foyer. I wanted something wooden, that represented what he does and something quirky, yet classic to go with my with my raspberry coloured front door.

The original design was inspired by a small 2 inch metal key that I bought at House Warmings in Oakville.

Our home is full of beautiful pieces Geoff has made including - a foyer table with matching bench, coffee table table (currently being made), my sewing table and various handcrafted tiled mirrors.

Stay tuned for more previews of our spring collection in the upcoming weeks.

::: Nathalie

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