Monday, January 10, 2011

Recipe: Maple Banana Bread with Flax

Instead of throwing out over ripe bananas, I'd rather use them in breads, muffins or smoothies. Craving something hearty and healthy, I went online and decided to try this recipe from - Maple Banana Bread with Flax.

I changed up a few things and the bread came out really well. Hearty and healthy, just like I wanted. (Even though I ended up smothering it in butter.)

This bread is great for breakfast and healthy snacking and it also freezes well so you can make it in batches - eat some now and store some for later.

Variations: Instead of the suggested whole wheat flour, I used rolled oats, which I figured would work well with the flax seeds.
Instead of the suggested vegetable oil or melter butter, use safflower oil (which is know for its health benefits).

Tip: If you have whole flax seeds, you can grind them in your coffee grinder for a fine grind.

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