Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bright Pinks and Sunny Yellows and Gold

This is what experimenting looks like. Yellow and bright pink fabric paint are pulled across an acetate stencil (attached to a screen) with a textile squeegee.

The inspiration: I use yellow screen printing tape to protect my frames from water and paint. Printing with only yellow seemed a little boring so pink was added to the mix.

The pulling of the two colours makes an exciting combination. I love how it starts with the clear separation of yellow and pink and then moves to sunny yellows and oranges on the other side of the fabric, when the colours have been pulled more.

The lining consists of bright pink crosses screen printed on cotton twill. It keeps the geometric and bright coloured theme from the exterior of the pouch, yet varies enough to act as a little surprise every time the pouch is opened.

Geoff says this is his favorite print to date. He's requested I make him a travel bag with blues and greys streaked across the screen as per the above. I'll be sure to post it once it's complete.

::: Nathalie

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