Thursday, March 10, 2011

Subdued Tablewares

My colour obsession continues but this time, with a more subdued palette. I love these gorgeous glazed china spoons. They'd be a great addition to my collection of tablewares.

Also loving the beautiful Pools collection, by Fleet Objects, of ceramic pieces with subtle colour painted inside. So pretty!

And how can you not love these pretty wooden doily coasters from Uncommon?

::: Nathalie


  1. Hi Nathalie,
    I thought I was going nuts. I just completed making the third recipe from the
    Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook and it, too was a dismall failure. Dull cupcakes, oily cookies and now moronic muffins. What was the matter with me? I Googled to find anyone else having trouble with these recipes and up you popped. Thank God! So the fact that my spinach and cheese muffins baked into tasteless dumpling-like mounds wasn't my fault. It was Tarek Malouf's fault. I'm of the mind to wrap these babies up and send them to him in jolly old England. It just might be worth the postage.
    Thanks for posting your honest review last April. Just wish I found you earlier!

  2. Hi Candice -

    Your comment made my day! You have a great idea, anyone who's ever made the treats from the Hummingbird Bakery book should send them to the author. Brilliant!

    I hope you returned the book. I did.


  3. Hi Nathalie,
    I was so ticked off that I emailed the Humming Bird Bakery itself and actually got a reply. I should forward it to you. It's priceless. I'm obviously a jerk because they have a thousand people on Facebook singing their praises. They suggested that I had over beaten the batter (it was never batter. It immediately became dough) and that perhaps I don't appreciate the savory taste of their spinach and cheese muffins. They're different from the blueberry muffins, you know. Gee, really?
    Anyway, thanks for being there when I needed a voice of reason.

  4. Sounds like they're not overly concerned about customer service. Isn't that just peachy keen?


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