Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recipe: Ravioli Lasagna with Sausage & Mushrooms

Pre-dinner drinks: trying to calm Diana's neurotic tendencies...
4 parts dry sec (or vermouth), 1 part creme de cassis.

My over exposed lasagna shot. The setting sun was super bright.

Dinner at my house yesterday - Diana made my day when she told me I was her favorite cook ever! Thanks bff!

I made ravioli lasagna with sausage and mushrooms (from Chatelaine). The first time I made this recipe I stuck to the directions exactly. It was really good, but a bit heavy on the sauce.

This time, I varied the recipe (since I didn't have crushed tomatoes in my cupboard). I mixed small can of tomato paste with a can of diced tomatoes (796mL) and I got a much lighter, and still super-tasty tomato sauce. Last minute, I threw spinach leaves into the lasagna toss to add colour to the dish.

Here's another variation for the cheese topping. I didn't have mozzarella, so Diana helped me by shredding cheddar and topped if off with some asiago.

Tip: In my house it's just Geoff and I so making a 9 x 13 dish of pasta is too much food for us. I split the lasagna into 3 dishes - one for dinner that night, a little one for my parents, and a portion that I froze for another day's dinner.

This is my favorite kind of recipe - easy & super tasty and relatively healthy. For a vegetarian option - just delete the sausage. Happy cooking. : )

::: Nathalie


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