Monday, March 22, 2010

Bronze and Black Bracelets

Busy busy! I just loaded 3 new bracelets on our Etsy shop. My favorite pick is the Braided Hemp bracelet, which is perfect for spring/ summer with it's organic fabric and light colors.

There are more bracelets and new iPhone cases to load, but that will have to be done bit by bit through out the week.

There's too much going on with researching designs for new products and preparing for the bake sale at my work. This bake sale is very important since 100% of the proceeds are going towards The Cancer Society's Relay for Life. I plan on baking lots in order to raise more money. I'll let you all know what sort of baked goods I come up with.

In the meanwhile, I have to move onto the next project.

::: Nathalie

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