Wednesday, March 24, 2010

With A Little Love

I got my Little City order yesterday of Yulanda Yee's Cinnamon Hearts.

I remember instantly falling for the simplicity of this photograph. Yulanda always had a way of capturing inanimate objects and making them absolutely beautiful by breathing life into them.

Anyway, I'd intended on buying this piece when Yulanda was still with us and it broke my heart to purchase them the day after she passed.

The Little City folks okay'ed it with her family first, and once approved, I was notified and told that proceeds would go to the Lymphoma Foundation of Canada.

I bought 2 pieces, one for myself and one for Diana, who had known Yulanda for years from their younger blogger years.

I'm glad to have this piece to always remember her by. Even if, I don't think I could forget her. She was an amazing, talented, good person. I miss our dear friend a lot.

::: Nathalie

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